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Rabu, 29 Oktober 2014

0 Do not smoke, the first female Secretary of Retno chamistry Minister Susi

(Foto: ist.)Menteri Luar Negerr Retno Lestari dan Menteri Perikanan dan Kelautan Susi.
Tidak merokok, Menlu perempuan pertama Retno chamistry Menteri Susi - Alumni UGM awali karir 'diplomasi' tragedi Santa Cruz, Dili - Menteri Luar Negerr Retno Lestari dan Menteri Perikanan dan Kelautan Susi.
Do not smoke, the first female Secretary of Retno chamistry Minister Susi - UGM Alumni career start 'diplomacy' tragedy of the Santa Cruz - Retno Lestari Foreign Minister and the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Susi.

LENSAINDONESIA.COM: This woman, one of the eight female figures "tough" that will help the government of President Joko Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla. As a minister "Working Cabinet", Retno Lestari Priansari Marsudi like other women ministers in the cabinet Jokowi JK, he would have been a privilege why Jokowi.

Not only that, the potential Retno did have chemistry with other female ministers such as the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Susi Pujiastuti, for example, which will excite the sea to pick up assets Internasinal market, under the new maritime Menko.

Retno, he was the first female foreign minister in the cabinet since the history of Indonesia's first president Sukarno Ir. Since the Republic of Indonesia was established 69 years ago, officials of the state in the international diplomacy is always controlled by the male figure. Starting Secretary Mr. Ahmad Soebarjo, Sjahrir, until the era of the 2000 generation as Wirajuda and Marty Natalegawa.

And, despite Retno begin his stint as Secretary of the President seventh Jokowi, but him as foreign minister to 18 Indonesian government has ever had. And, the only woman among the 18 official Secretary of the Foreign Minister.

Of course, this is the courage of its own for the president to lift Jokowi women born in Semarang. Retno during the administration of the President, the ability is not in doubt.

given responsibility as Ambassador to the Netherlands failed to show

From the track record Retno, quite possibly, the President Jokowi pick as top diplomat wants it strengthens the function of economic cooperation in the era of the free market. The ambassador and his staff are asked to focus search for new export market opportunities in foreign countries.

"He has been ambassador to the Netherlands. Hardworking, and now the first female foreign minister in our history, "said President Jokowi when introduced at the Presidential Palace, a day before the inauguration on Monday (26.10.14).

Apparently, the most striking distinguish between Retno Minister and Minister of Susie, from the first day the two announced to be the minister in "Working Cabinet" at the State Palace, Susi courage to be a smoking habit. It's like when interviewed by reporters in the courtyard, on Sunday (26.10.14). Retno'm not the type of women smokers, let alone have the guts smoking openly. Both fasionabel and short hair reflects trengginas and nimble. But, Susi bertatto legs were more impressed by Retno conventional women.

Others, Retno career as a diplomat from the bottom of the Foreign Ministry employees with bagging izasahS-2 at Hooge School Haagsche EU School of Law, The Hague. Susie started so many baskets of fish on the market Pangandaran, berizasah only junior high school, and now has 50 aircraft, and as the owener and CEO of a company engaged in the export of fisheries.

Secretary Retno another month 2014- -27 Nobember turns 52 years old. He served as Ambassador to the Netherlands since since 21 December 2012. The Secretary of State indicated as Retno it certainly did not have much time to pause after stints in the Netherlands.

He deserves to be Secretary of State, because bagging experience in a long diplomatic career. Retno was formerly Director General of the United States and Europe at the Foreign Ministry in April 2008 to January 2012. saaat it, Retno tested memenej Indonesian relations with 87 countries in Europe and America.

So the Dutch ambassador, is not the first for menjabar Ambassador Retno. 2005 to 2008, he served as ambassador to

for Kerjaaan Norway and the Republic of Iceland.

Mother of two children is alumsi S-2 at Hooge School Haagsche EU School of Law, The Hague. Her husband, Agus Marsudi an architect. He has also been awarded the Star Services "Grand Officer" of the King of Norway. In fact, the first Indonesian Retno high honors.

For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Retno familiar. He has served in several important positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is also a Director of Intra-Regional Cooperation European Americans (2001-2003). Later, Director of Western Europe (2003-2005).

This woman is a career as a diplomat from the bottom. A year after graduating from GMU Department of International Relations (1980), he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (formerly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
With the inauguration Retno as the first female Secretary of State in Indonesia, Jokowi want to show that the policy of taking into account gender equality pemerintahannnya.

As a female career diplomat, Retno prove it was false cliché that women make a career diplomat ignores household. As the mother of two sons and the wife of an architect, family Retno able to deliver the ship sailed up the challenge of his career when it gets heavier.

"I admit, when the profession (diplomat) held by a woman, there is a challenge in itself. Especially when it is a family. But, I really enjoy this profession, "said Retno as released on the alumni page Faculty.

Youth Retno dilomat began his career when he received a heavy duty desperate to Australia. In 1992, Indonesia is cornered on the massacre of East Timor in Santa Cruz, Dili.

Success on duty in Australia, in 1997, Retno became First Secretary of the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands. His career took off, he was appointed as Head of the Economic Affairs. 

Since then, Retno become very familiar with Europe's foreign policy. In fact, he completed further studies in human rights in the capital Oslo.

Wading career diplomat, took him reach the top echelon positions, as Director General of the European States (2008 to 2012).

Then, uphill reliable country to shake the Ambassador. As long as ambassador, he focus on improving trade relations between Indonesia and the Netherlands, which only reached USD 5 million per year.

"We must diproduktifkan Ambassador, they are not only experts in the fields of politics, but also market the products of Indonesia," said Jokowi as reported merdeka.com, when the presidential election campaign, June 12, 2014.

Therefore, the indicated strongly that the President wants Retno Jokowi strengthen the function of diplomatic cooperation in the era of free market economy. As well as a "pilot" of the ambassador and his staff targeted President Jokowi get a new export market opportunities. Primarily, develop export industries are marine assets is the responsibility of the Minister of fishery and marine Pujiastuti Susi.

It's like the promise Jokowi making Indonesia the country pertumubahan highly regarded in the world economy. 

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